Infused cafeina Flavoured Cigar winning hearts of Cigar Lovers

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  • 2910 SW 30th Ave. Hallandale, FL 33009 / 2910 SW 30th Ave. Hallandale, FL 33009
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Infused Cigars are now the new word for the smoking population who earlier used to be a die-hard fan of traditional tobacco or e-cigs. But the question that comes to mind is that be it cigar, cigarettes or e-cig, all we need to smoke, then what’s so different in an infused cigar? Well, the major difference between Cigars and cigarettes is that in cigarettes you will get a roll of tobacco which is carefully wrapped in the leaf of tobacco or using a substance which is containing tobacco. On the other hand, for an infused cigar for example in flavour like Coffee Cigars, it is also tobacco that is wrapped using paper or in a substance that does not contain any amount of tobacco.

The concept of infused cigars now entered into a new phase of sophistication for the people who love to smoke. But how? Well now you can have them in various flavours and one of the popular among them is cafeina flavoured infused cigar? Have you ever tried this flavour? If not then you must give a try and it’s for sure that you will be in love with it.

In case you are fond of coffee as your drink then why not replace a few shots of it with infused cafeina flavoured cigar? The experience will be an awesome one for you. Some of the top-notch cigar manufacturing companies now offer cafeina flavored infused cigar and that is being loved by people. But as a responsible citizen of this earth, we will surely suggest enjoying a cigar in a restricted number as we all know tobacco smoking is injurious to health. 

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2910 SW 30th Ave. Hallandale, FL 33009 / 2910 SW 30th Ave. Hallandale, FL 33009

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